Steady State partners with Credmark to deliver crucial off-chain data to Risk Analysis Database

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4 min readNov 15, 2021

Steady State is proud to announce our new partnership with Credmark, a high-integrity data and risks metrics platform that leverages a transparent, community-driven platform to provide data models for well-informed investment choices.

The partnership with Credmark enables a synchronized pooling of resources to provide both communities access to the very best in DeFi insurance and risk modeling functionalities. We’re delighted with Credmark’s addition to our burgeoning Steady State ecosystem and look forward to a future full of promise and high expectations.

Credmark facilitates high-quality DeFi data models

The transparency and accessibility of blockchains are among its most valuable features, but issues persist when data isn’t processed in uniform ways. For example, the way protocols measure derived variables changes depending on what kind of dataset you’re working with — this can result in discrepancies between what should be uniform interpretations when scaled over large sets of populations.

Unfortunately, modern-day centralized data and interpretation models are still inaccurate and incomposable. Combined with the increasing sophistication of consumer-facing applications, there remain obstacles to mainstream adoption.

The DeFi space is still in its infancy concerning data availability and integrity; this has enabled the development of a new, data-driven blockchain smart contract platform with game theory incentives at its core to allow for more efficient utilization and mining information from large datasets.

Credmark builds an ecosystem of high-quality models allowing users to balance reward and risk against their personal preferences. The platform rewards developers for creating their own applications and models, which help create a lucrative ecosystem. Credmark additionally plans on rewarding participants who maintain stability in data quality with performance incentivization.

Enhancing RAD’s capacity with Credmark’s data modeling

From our partnership, we’re delighted to be using Credmark’s ABIs, registry for operational risks, raw data (exploit data), user content, and receiving on-chain exploit data from Credmark’s dev team.

As DeFi moves into a new era of more sophisticated protocols and improved efficiency, Steady State will require the most current, detailed, and accurate off-chain data to ensure optimal platform performance. Data is central to our mission, from calculating premiums to automating claims and using RAD to aggregate smart contract risks, exploits, and vulnerabilities.

Our partnership with Credmark enables a flow of correct data sets which play a significant role in ensuring a democratized and capital-efficient DeFi insurance platform.

“Credmark’s risk assessment of how DeFi protocols like Aave, Compound, and Curve behave under volatile market conditions will directly inform Steady State’s insurance products,” says Neil Zumwalde, Credmark CEO. “This marks an important step in stabilizing the DeFi industry as Steady State will be the first insurance provider to insure financial risk, with Credmark providing the backend data.”

Neil’s Steady State counterpart Jonathan Libby echoed the sentiment:

Credmark shares Steady State’s vision for building a strong understanding of risk in DeFi to benefit users in our ecosystem. With this shared vision, we’re excited to partner alongside Credmark as we help users obtain the best possible yields with the least amount of risk. We look forward to strengthening this alliance over time as we continue to build and develop together.”

Tune in to Fireside Chat this week. To celebrate our partnership with Credmark, Steady State will host Credmark’s Neil Zumwalde (co-founder) and Joseph Collier-Gray (Strategic Operations) alongside Steady State’s Jasmine Brunson (Head Database Engineer).

The Steady State Ambassador program is open! Take part by spreading awareness about our mission and values and get rewarded for doing so! Read our post on BitcoinTalk for further details.

About Credmark

Credmark is a risk-modeling platform in the DeFi space. They leverage their community to build models — anyone can freely use them to make better decisions when investing in DeFi. This is achieved through their token ($CMK) and a careful governance system. Credmark aims to bring the risk tools used by traditional finance institutions to the average DeFi user.

About Steady State

Steady State is building a platform to safeguard the assets of DeFi protocols, entities, and their respective users. The platform eliminates bottlenecks prevalent throughout the insurance industry through automated processes, shared coverage policies, a cutting-edge risk analysis database, and Chainlink Keepers. Steady State creates a new paradigm for decentralized insurance by delivering DeFi’s most capital-efficient insurance platform at an entity level. To learn more about Steady State and the impact of our pragmatic approach to Defi insurance, visit us at the links below:

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