Steady State Partners with AuBit to Bring Insurance to DeFi and Institutional Users

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4 min readSep 15, 2021

Steady State is delighted to share our new partnership with AuBit. The partnership will bring Steady State’s cutting-edge DeFi insurance index pools to AuBit’s staking products to let users hedge against systemic DeFi risks. In the future, AuBit’s Prime Brokerage will provide regulatory-compliant brokerage services to bring institutional access to Steady State’s index pools.

AuBit — the first and only platform in the world offering volume growth of assets

AuBit introduces greater accessibility by allowing users greater returns on investment without additional risk in a world where lopsided financial wealth and opportunities favor the few over many.

Traditional finance prioritizes a particular investment metric: the price of the underlying assets, which vary according to market factors. Metrics such as volume and quantity remain unaffected. AuBit’s network-enhanced model, however, applies trading revenue redistributions to enable value growth and volume growth. Through harnessing the power of network effects, AuBit redistributes 80% of network revenues back to investors for asset growth.

AuBit’s Freeway trading platform is the only asset management platform worldwide that gives users asset volume and asset value growth. Freeway users can watch and manage their AuBit portfolio under one dashboard, while a referral system enables a positive feedback loop for the most ardent supporters. With over $15 million in assets under management and their EU-compliant Prime Brokerage services, their ecosystem provides financial equality to all its users across the globe.

AuBit’s management team and advisors have deep experience working in high-profile roles with prominent financial, technological companies worldwide. They’re a group of industry veterans whose professional experience includes Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, HSBC, Google, Morgan Stanley, and more.

Why our partnership makes sense

AuBit Supercharger staking products are high-yield fixed APY contemporaries of low-fee tokenized products that enable additional rewards that increase user holdings volume by redistributing transaction fees, all within the Freeway platform. Due to the exceptional performance of Supercharger staking, Steady State index pools will feature Supercharger staking as a hedge against DeFi protocols that provide insurance through Steady State’s platform.

Steady State and AuBit will jointly explore the creation of index pools and aim to insure a specific amount of AuBit’s trades. The collaboration primarily focuses on creating index pools as a new asset, tradeable by AuBit investors for arbitrage opportunities.

Decentralized insurance and risk analysis remain wholly underdeveloped, and the requirements for complex, transparent, and structured solutions are evident in DeFi. Our goal is for Steady State’s index pools to feature weighted risk exposure elements and diversified gains, aiming to become the most potent token allocation tools in DeFi.

For the immediate future, Steady State and AuBit’s financial minds and engineers, combined with Steady State’s index pools architecture, will enable the creation of index pools. Over the longer term, AuBit’s brokering service and banking license will assist us in our objectives to sell our index pool tokens to institutions. AuBit’s fully compliant business model will be key in allowing Steady State to expand our services to the lucrative institutional sector.

“We’re excited to be working alongside the AuBit team and community to bring these necessary new and innovative products to the crypto ecosystem,” says Jon Libby, Steady State founder and CEO. “This is one of many coming partnerships that shows we are ready to be the premier DeFi insurer in the space.”

Graham Doggart, AuBit founder and co-CEO, echoed Libby’s statement: “We’re delighted to partner with Steady State as an exciting new startup that shares our mission of creating a better, fairer financial system that opens up opportunities for all. It’s a partnership with the potential for a lasting impact on not just our client base and business but the financial world at large as we continue to bridge traditional, digital and decentralized finance.”

The partnership between AuBit and Steady State is only the beginning, with many more partnership announcements on the way. We invite you to join us for our Fireside Chat with Graham Doggart to discuss AuBit, DeFi insurance, and what makes our collaboration so exciting.

To watch Fireside Chat, tune in Wednesday, 15 September @ 10 AM EST.

About AuBit

AuBit’s Freeway platform is the first and only asset management platform in the world that gives users asset volume growth (more stocks, bonds and gold) as well as asset value growth (normal price fluctuation of assets). The platform went live in Q2 2021 and currently has more than $15m in products sold. AuBit’s management team and advisors have worked at some of the largest financial and technology companies in the world including Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, IBM, Google and more and recently announced the launch of AuBit Prime, a rebranded EU Prime brokerage with a spotless 22-year track record under EU regulations. Visit

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About Steady State

Steady State is building a platform to safeguard the assets of DeFi protocols, entities, and their respective users. The platform will eliminate bottlenecks that are prevalent throughout the insurance industry through the use of automated processes, shared coverage policies, a cutting-edge risk analysis database, and Chainlink Keepers. Steady State creates a new paradigm for decentralized insurance by delivering DeFi’s most capital-efficient insurance platform at an entity level. To learn more about Steady State and the impact of our pragmatic approach to Defi insurance, visit us at the links below:

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