Special Steady State Contest: Let’s get Krunk’d!

Steady State community, lets get ready to rock and roll…

Steady State
2 min readNov 12, 2021

Attention Steadies!

We have a special announcement.

Introducing our inaugural Steady State gaming competition!🥷

The Steady State ($STDY) team is looking for an ELITE player to take our community to the next level.

Who’ll be crowned champion?

We’ve allocated a hefty prize of $212 USDC for the winner.

💸Why $212 USDC? Last month we averaged 212 daily active members in our community, and so if each member counts as a dollar — what better fun way to battle for the prize instead of the conventional “last man standing” format.

🕑WHEN? Monday 11-14-2021 8 PM UTC

🧑‍🤝‍🧑MEETING BEFORE? https://t.me/SteadyStateDeFi

🕹️GAME? Krunker.io — Exact game server link will be shared 30 minutes before the competition starts.

IMPORTANT: Prior to competition start, all communication will be moved onto our Discord server (link will be shared on Telegram 10 minutes prior)

To participate in the gaming competition, users will need to:

⚔️Gaming competition sign-up form⚔️

About Steady State

Steady State is one of the first DeFi insurance platforms to utilize Chainlink’s Keepers solution to automate insurance claims. We provide protocols and platforms with practical insurance options to safeguard their financial future. Using automated processes, smart contracts, and risk analysis tools, our platform overcomes inconsistent risk analysis common in the existing DeFi insurance paradigm, delivering comprehensive risk quantification with efficient capital allocation.

We’re on the path of securing a future for DeFi by providing practical coverage for digital assets locked in the DeFi economy. To learn more about Steady State and the impact of our pragmatic approach to Defi insurance, visit us at the links below:

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Steady State cautions that statements in this communication that are forward-looking, and provide information other than historical information, involve risks, contingencies and uncertainties that may impact actual results of operations and prospective transactions.



Steady State

Steady State is a comprehensive DeFi insurance solution that protects users, secures platforms, and reshapes how we think about risk and reward.