Introducing Steady State’s new Ticker: $STDY

Steady State
2 min readNov 3, 2021


Hi Steadies!

We’ve officially changed our ticker from $RISQ to $STDY.

Moving forward, all official documentation and social media channels will implement the use of $STDY.

Following both a community and team vote, $STDY was overwhelmingly chosen as our new ticker, and the change will take place immediately.

NOTE: Any usage of $RISQ from here on is not related to Steady State, and users are advised to get in touch with Steady State administrators via Telegram and Discord.

Why have we changed from $RISQ to $STDY?

We’ve been listening closely to feedback from the Steady State community, and you all have a similar message: $RISQ doesn’t align with our mission. We need an updated ticker to reflect more closely what we stand for as a platform.

The ticker symbol is among the most important part of any token. It’s what differentiates your project from thousands more, allows investors and traders alike to navigate an overcrowded market — all while having a psychological connection to navigate the cryptoverse.

A suitable and convenient ticker enables a more convenient and streamlined user experience.

About Steady State

Steady State is building a platform to safeguard the assets of DeFi protocols, entities, and their respective users. The platform eliminates bottlenecks prevalent throughout the insurance industry through the use of automated processes, shared coverage policies, a cutting-edge risk analysis database, and Chainlink Keepers. Steady State creates a new paradigm for decentralized insurance by delivering DeFi’s most capital-efficient insurance platform at an entity level. To learn more about Steady State and the impact of our pragmatic approach to Defi insurance, visit us at the links below:

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Steady State

Steady State is a comprehensive DeFi insurance solution that protects users, secures platforms, and reshapes how we think about risk and reward.