A Big Announcement Coming This Week, Here’s What You Can’t Miss!

Steady State has a BIG announcement coming this week, and we want to share it with you all first! We have been working on this for months now and are so excited to reveal one of the big things we’ve been working on. To celebrate this milestone with our community, we’ve put together a contest for $150 USDC, and a special guest for this week’s Fireside Chat!

In the meantime, check out our social media pages to not miss anything about what’s in store.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday

The team at Steady State has been working hard to make this announcement happen. On Tuesday, we’ll finally share the news with our community that you won’t want to miss!

To celebrate the upcoming big reveal, we’re excited to announce a new contest for everyone who has supported us in the past and continues to do so in the present. Instructions on how to participate will be shared as soon as the announcement is live. Make sure not to miss out!

Fireside Chat will have a special guest this week

Our weekly news and information show, Fireside Chat, where we get up to speed on all things Steady State and crypto-related, will host a very special guest. We’ll share more details about the new announcement and further discussion dissecting the hottest topics in the industry during the show! They’ll also be a chance for our community members to get involved and ask questions during the live broadcast. You can join the livestream via our YouTube channel on Wednesday, August 18 at 14:00 GMT (10:00 EST).

Plenty of more major news on the horizon

While this will be a huge announcement, it’s only one step on the way to bigger and better things for Steady State. We’ve been so focused on the present and the future, but there is so much more still to come! We’re excited about this next big step as it will help us grow even further, reach new markets and communities, and provide more people with an opportunity to get involved.

Stay tuned and follow our social channels for announcements of when we’ll be revealing all this exciting news.

Steady State provides protocols and platforms with practical insurance options to safeguard their financial future. Using automated processes, smart contracts, and risk analysis tools, our platform overcomes inconsistent risk analysis common in the existing DeFi insurance paradigm, delivering comprehensive risk quantification with efficient capital allocation.

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