AuBit — the first and only platform in the world offering volume growth of assets

Intro (Silvia)

Silvia: Avalanche-based DeFi protocol Zabu Finance has become the latest victim of an exploit; did you guys hear?

Intro (Silvia)

Can you reflect on the first year of the YIELD App? Triumphs and tribulations.

1.) DeFi’s explosion in prominence introduces greater risks

Mark your calendars for Tuesday

  • Jon’s history with Insurance and DeFi
  • Automation in DeFi Insurance
  • The different layers of Steady State
  • Regulation of crypto

Finding the gold standards forDeFI insurance.

Meet RAD.

A brief history of insurance

Steady State

Steady State is a comprehensive DeFi insurance solution that protects users, secures platforms, and reshapes how we think about risk and reward.

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